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Star light star bright …Stardust

November 12, 2007

 I watched Stardust over the weekend. A fantastic fantasy movie I would say. From the cast to the wardrobe (love that blue dress Claire Danes wore in the movie) to the story down to the end – S.U.P.E.R.B!

This movie is strictly not for scientists or astronomers. There are no facts about comets or our universe nor new findings of planet etc. Its more for those hopeless romantics (like me?)

Maybe I am still fascinated with fairy tales and heroes and witches but this is a fairy tale movie for adults. Aahhhss….. and oohsss….dominated most of my (and other cinema-goers) viewing of the movie. It’s rated PG 13 for fantasy violence and some risquế humour. I love its official website as well – Stardust The Movie – you can explore the Stardust universe or play the movie’s game or send a loved one a star. (Suddenly I am in the mood for love – ahaks!)

The children still prefer the Harry Potter movies though. See my previous ramble on Harry Potter. Kids! Ahem!

A quick ‘google’ing shows Stardust is also the name of NASA’s spacecraft (the size no larger than a desk!) Read here. This makes me think, when will Brunei enter the space? Maybe I should start moulding my kids to become the first Bruneian astronaut rather than me blogging here :p

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