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November 12, 2007

 My eyes are tired.

My back stiffed.

My stomach cramped.

Worse, my head felt like its going to fall off anytime.

I went to bed with a confused mind.

The morning was equally unforgiving.

I thought I had shaken them off while I was sleeping.

Still unpleasant, still intense

Head still heavy and

my tummy’s still funny.

~ Ellyana, 12/11/2007

It’s not funny when you are a woman where every month you have to face this awful experience. There are, however, those who are lucky and not experiencing any of these.

Yes I am talking about THAT time of the month when your man have to clear off the course and not to try anything funny and yes, even making jokes or silly faces or else….

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is ‘a cyclic occurrence of symptoms that are sever enough to interfere with some aspects of life’ – as defined by health professionals. These symptoms occur consistently and predictably with each menstrual cycle.5, p. 2 As a woman gets older, her risk of developing PMS may increase.5, p. 1 B Up to 85 percent of menstruating women report having one or more premenstrual symptoms.5, p. 1 C

All in all, there have been more than 200 symptoms associated with PMS!4, p. 1743 B While there are variations in the requirements for diagnosing PMS, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has recommended both a physical history and a daily diary of symptoms be used together to make an accurate diagnosis. According to ACOG, PMS occurs when there is at least one symptom present during the five days before menstruation in the past three menstrual cycles. These symptoms are severe enough to interfere with a woman’s daily life. I will need to note down my own observation starting yesterday. I can remember the past few days. I should write these downs now before I forgot.
Anyway, I have been searching for reports or studies on PMS-related article affecting Bruneian women but none. Heart disease and type 2diabetes are rated as the biggest killers in Brunei most or all reports say. Why is there no such report on PMS?  

Here are some tips which I gathered based on my personal (ehem) and professional experiences on how you can control PMS as there is no cure for it:

  • 1. Note down the symptoms at least three days before your cycle and at least for three consecutive cycles. Study the pattern and notice any similarities or differences. If you have the same symptoms each time, you have PMS.
  • 2. Try to relax and not to stress yourself nearer to your cycle.
  • 3. Be careful with what you eat (as always). Avoid or cut back sugar and fat.
  • 4. Salt causes bloating and fluid retention. So avoid salt ladies.
  • 5. No Caffeine as caffeine increases anxiety.
  • 6. Exercise!
  • 7. Sleep! (at least eight hours of good sleep)
  • 8. Try Evening Primrose tablets (sold at pharmacies)

Take care of yourself ladies. You are beautiful.


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