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..of babies and IQ…nature vs nurture

November 6, 2007

 Interesting front page today in The Brunei Times…`With right gene, breastfed babies can have higher IQ’.

“….3,000 breast-fed infants in Britain and New Zealand were examined and found out that the child’s IQ was an average 6.8 points higher if the child had a particular version of a gene called, wait guys, FADS2.

The gene was studied because it produces an enzyme found in breast milk which has been associated with higher IQ. The enzyme helps convert dietary fatty acids into the polyunsaturated fatty acids that have been shown to accumulate in the human brain during the first months after birth.

This enzyme and the fatty acids have been added to many infant formulas since the first findings about breast-feeding and IQ appeared a decade ago, but tests have not been able to show to show whether it has an impact….”

I have always been fascinated with how our brain works and what make one smarter over the other. So there is a connection between breast-feeding and your intelligence. All along, I.Q. or Intelligence Quotient has been used as a measurement of an individual’s intelligence.

Brunei related-reading:

Brunei’s Government drives to encourage breast-feeding, from Pelita Brunei.

Free online IQ tests (I have tried all ;)):

IQ, personality, Career Quiz and IQ scores. ~ discover your true IQ with their PhD-certified test (so they claimed).

Classic IQ test.  ~ I personally like this one.

IQTest ~ test with information on intelligence testing and history thereof. Additional detailed reports are available for a fee.

IQ score:

Individuals with IQs of 132 or above may join Mensa upon presentation of qualifying test results. Individuals with IQs of 137+ are eligible to join organizations such as TOPS (Top One Percent Society). Those with IQs of 150+ qualify for membership in the Triple-Nine Society and the One-in-a-Thousand (OATH) Society, those with IQs of 164 or above are potential candidates for the Prometheus Society and the Ultranet, and those rare specimens with IQs above 176 are welcomed into the Mega and Pi Societies. (There is even a Giga-one-in-billion-Society, with two members, plus its founder.) Needless to say, at the one-in-a-million level, the membership roster is somewhat exiguous. These organizations are also open to subscribers. Subscribers are not allowed to vote, but they may participate in the fascinating dialogues that take place within these societies.

Surf this site for famous celebrities’ IQ score. HaHa! Recommended…though no Bruneians listed!

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  1. January 25, 2008 11:58 am

    Thanks for the post. I am the owner of the Kids IQ Test Center. The website that has a feature on famous celebrities and their respective IQ’s or lackthereof…

  2. Ramble On permalink
    January 28, 2008 3:29 pm

    Thanks also for the visit here. I love IQ tests. If you happen to have any Bruneian listed, please do contact me? Thanks in advance.

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