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30 days of night

October 29, 2007

30 days of night 

Saw ‘30 days of night’ over the weekend. It is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen so far.

’30 days of night’ is an adaptation of a terrifying comic-book series of the same name by Steve Niles. The movie received a two and a half out of five rating from the critics while viewers gave it a three and a half (including me – yes, Titanic is still the best though of different category!)

Synopsis: Barrow town, Alaska, can have total darkness for thirty days every year due to its far north location in the Arctic Circle. The locals are accustomed to this but this year, its totally something else. Vampires roam the town and take control, feasting on the terrified local citizens, both young and old.  

 My (and others who saw the movie)’s comments: The ending could have been better. Can’t he just wait for just a few hours before sunrise? But then again, we can’t have happy ending all the time, can we?

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