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Essential oils

October 25, 2007

According to Michael A Bengwayan, a writer on environment and community development issues, there are some 3,000 known essential oils from Asian forest plants of which approximately 300 have commercial importance as perfumes and medicine. He said, soon world’s skin and hair products like The Body Shop will come down to Brunei for the country’s rich non-wood forest products.

So here in Brunei we have the expensive eaglewood or kayu gaharu which can be made as perfume and Ylang Ylang which exudes strong fragrance from its flowers resembling lemon. Our woody trees are renowned for having hard wood and fragrant as well, used for timber, weapons, crafts, medicine and adornment. What else do we have; expensive resins and turpentine like Benzoin and elemi, used for paints, inks, aromatic scenes and other products.

Our forest is huge and has a lot to offer. Go out and grab something out of our forest guys, but do so wisely. Like a sign at the Belalong Field Centre that says: Leave your footprint behind and take your garbage with you.

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