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Rizqun treat

October 2, 2007

My ole’ time fav - Teh Tarik and Noodle Soup….and some left-overs I forgot what they were.

What a pleasant suprise! My other half had promised me not to treat me on my birthday by checking in to a hotel, like he always do for the past couple of years. I think its just a waste of money (though he is paying, hehe). I mean you can use that money you spent on a hotel room into something useful, (to me) like a two-hour full body massage or a hair spa or a one-month membership at that glamorous gym (you-know-where).

So he said I should just shut up, enjoy my day and follow whatever he say (for once -ahak!) There were actually five of us in th family and one-toddler who refused to stay still even for a sec, when I found out that we have been assigned to a table for four! I was a bit upset as I thought an international hotel shouldn’t get mix-up with numbers. They did ask for your phone number to re-confirm but never did, didn’t they?

Anyway, since it was a public holiday that day, the whole place was crowded with people from all walks of life so there was no way that the supervisor could change our table or arrange it so five grown-up people could at least spread their elbows and tear the lamb with strongs hand that would not hit the person next to you.

After I calm down with my yoga breathing (ahem) I settled down to enjoy the food. I was a bit hungry as I didnt have my sahur the night before. Before long, I began to enjoy my food, my company and best of all, the place! I like to have people around me especially happy-faced people not those grumpy, frown-faced and lines on their faces that really tells you how problematic their lives are (sic*). [Oh my, why am I grumpy myself while I am writing now?]

After almost everyone had their stomach stuffed with curries, Chendols, Briyani and the likes; the hotel’s staff complete with the gulingtangan orchestra were playing Happy Birthday and I prayed for my dear life that they would not come to our table but they did. And they have Cheesecake with a glowing candle on top. It was half-embarrasing, a quarter of happiness and another quarter of excitement though. Hypocrite! Hehe.

From the Coffee House and the obligatory prayer; I thought we would all be doing some serious Hari Raya shopping but my other half again asked me politely to shut up and tag along. He said he wanted to show me something on the 5th floor; I thought he meant the 4th as there is the pool there but nope its the 5th. So I was again following him and his other accomplices including the baby. Upon reaching the 5th floow, my man presented me with a room key (well, a card isn’t it) and said its their present for me.

Whoa! Now why didnt I suspect from the very beginning that they are treating me like that though in a special kind of way….I love it. I love you Sayang and I you all my l’ll angels with devilish grins!

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