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The Poor

September 28, 2007

I just got my pay yesterday and so, as promised to myself, I gave my family a sungkai treat at Fratini’s. I love the Beef Lasagne so were my girls, they all love it! Ladies ordered the lasagne and my man, tiger prawn with quid. He said it’s very nice, considering that the rice was black because of the squid’s ink but he enjoyed it and I was pleased. Did I mention about the mushroom soup? Perfecto! My girls also ordered pizza which was at 50% off from the usual price – nice! Oh the drinks were rich and creamy – yummy!

Food aside, I read the news this morning and in one of the papers, there was this huge picture of poor people pushing their way to get alms. As I read the caption it says that the poor people were queuing to receive their shares. I couldn’t help but was moved by the facial expressions of the people in the picture. They surely don’t look happy. Only last night I was blessed with great food and content with my life and now I am touched as I remember the poor.

Oh God! Forgive me and my family. I thank you for Your great kindness to me and may You bless me and my family for any sins or wrongdoings. Amin.

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