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Ramadhan Karim

September 25, 2007

Ramadhan Karim. Salam all and greetings… I really do not have an idea what to write during this holy month. Work is business as usual; my personal life is the same (so far ;p); my family are OK…except that its Ramadhan. The holiest month in the Muslim calendar where Muslims are forbidden to eat and drink and abstained from food, drink & sex from sunrise to sunset. Easy isn’t it?

Well, it take a strong will and faith to achieve that. Ramadhan means more than that. Muslims seek more rewards in this month than in any other man so for the pious ones, when Ramadhan ends they will cry as they would not know if they can see the next Ramadhan. Not to mention the Lailatul Qadar, a night better than a thousand nights.

As I was cleaning after the sahur or late supper, I asked my ten-year old for help. She said as she was wide awake then (that was like 3.30 a.m.) she might as well help for she want to have as many rewards as she can. Awww…how sweet.

So I explained to her that it’s during Ramadhan where she can reap more rewards than in any other months. After that, I have never seen her so very helpful that she was so tired in the morning. Poor girl. I pray to God for her deserved rewards.

Today is the 13th day of Ramadhan; by weekend it will be the 18th! Time really fly so fast. It will be my birthday too. I will sit down to reflect what I have achieved throughout my life and maybe share it here.

See! I do have something to write…

 Daily prayer in Ramadhan 

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