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Life is ….

September 6, 2007

Whoever say that they have a perfect life are liars. Life to me is like a wheel, so I heard. One time you are up, next you are down. One time you are on top of the world, next you are buried deep in the sea, or bluntly speaking, in deep s***.

Sometimes I wonder how the rich live their lives. They can’t be happy all the time can they? Does rich equals to happy? I don’t think so. Opray used to be very unhappy and now that she is a multi-millionaire, is she happy or happier? This might be of interest:

I am not going to talk about rich people here. Just about life. From what I have gone through, I don’t think I want to be the happiest person in the w.w.w. (whole wide world) because the moment I am very happy (and content) with my life, there are bound to be troubles or problems which lead to unhappiness. I guess my wheel turns very quickly to the other side. How to slow it down ah?

Did you guys watch ‘In pursuit of happYness’ (that’s how it spelt), the movie, starring Will Smith and his real-life son? The movie always inspire me whenever I feel down. Now I don’t want to be filthy rich; just comfortably rich – a nice house (not a mansion), savings which can feed even down to my great-great-great grandchildren and a job to keep me occupied (Can’t think of not doing anything). 

The average man lives to around 70 for men and 75 for women? Now why is this so? I am not going to be sexist here but those are the facts from a number of countries around the world – women lives longer than men.

I just spoke to my colleague that I hope I will grow old healthily (not necessarily beautifully, ahem) or I would rather die young. But who are we to play God? We do not know what’s in store for us, even tomorrow or the next day or the day after. We just plan our lives; next week hospital; next month leave; following month more leave….

For sure I am looking after my health so I stay healthy. Exercise? I do some yoga now. I used to be very active that if anyone was to look for me they would look no further than the gym.

I have more in life now, my three young girls keep me busy 24/7; my one-month toddler keep me busier! Children bring new meaning to life, thanks God. I have a different view about life now that my family is expanding.

When I was small, I used to think that people grow old and die and I was really scared of that but now I see more old people who are still in the pink of health. My mom for example. She doesnt like to mention about her age but I tell you she is old but still strong enough to jog, brisk walk or even swimming. Her only daily routine is of course praying but also taking a tablespoon of honey twice a day. That’s all she said. Take note on that guys!

So me? I don’t have any ritual, just eat when I am hungry or sleep when I am sleepy. Sound lame.

I think it is up to us of what we want in life. Life is a choice (and so is health and wealth). Do we want to stay the same? Happy in our comfort zone or want to risk and gamble our lives away? It’s true that some people are just born lucky, others are born losers. Losers weep? Not for me, I fight! God has given us brain so use it wisely.  

And now I feel great with these rumbles. Good. 

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