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Rainy day on getting old

July 11, 2007

Trickle! Trickle! Trickle!

I can hear the water drops as if they were bombs dropping on my head. Why not? I have a pounding head now and the sound of the heavy rain outside the window makes my headache worse.

I have taken aspirin a few minutes ago and pacing in and out of the room doesnt really helps, so here I am here. I hope by the time I have enough of looking at the screen the headache will go away.

I think, and I have been thinking about this lately, that my headache is connected in some way or another with my back pain. I have this pain for a long time, jeez, I must be getting old.

Old you said? When or at which age would you define old? If a car is more than seven years old (which you have to show it to the LTD for inspection), would that be old? A cat which has nine lives they say, can live for more than ten years. So when is a cat ‘old’?

Human beings – when is old? 45 is middle age so when do you call ‘final age’? 90? Old for me is when you start to forget who you are, your children, your grand-children or even your sanity. Boy, is that scarry?

I have seen old folks who keep on forgetting about almost everything. One old man, about in his late fifties, was sitting on a staircase looking puzzled. I asked him if I could help him. He stared back at me blankly and asked, ‘Are you my daughter?’ I replied, nope and asked again if he was looking for her daughter.

He shook his head and almost bang it to the wall and helplessly said,’I dont know who I am!’ Now thats scarry to me, when you dont event know who you are. I helped him up and led to my car thinking I could send him over to the police station when suddenly a middle-age woman appeared infront of us and asked me to stop. The woman was his daughter. Phew!

There was also an old woman, probably in her early sixties, walking up and down the road, holding an umbrella in one hand and a plastic carrier bag in the other. She suddenly came up to me and asked if I would be kind enough to send her home. She was very nice and proper, so I said yes. When both of us were in my car, I asked for her adddress. Suddenly she started to cry and yelled that I ran out of my car, yelling in turn for help! Within seconds people gathered around my car and a police officer stopped to tell me saying that the woman was in an unsound mind. An ambulance soon arrived and took the poor woman away. I just stood by my car for several hours before I had enough courage to drive back home.

Why is it that the state of your mind is connected to old age? When I was small I often wondered about this as there seem to be alot of old people around me at that time and most of them were either having temporary or complete amnesia.

Now I know it is a process that you call aging. So, why would you be afraid about getting old? Insecurity, health problems, your children’s future, your own future. The list goes on.

The answer to me, is just be prepared for your old age. Money, home, insurance and the most important of all, your faith. Keep your faith till your last breath.

 My headache seems gone now. What a relief!

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